John Lasala, New York Attorney, Makes Client Businesses Stronger

August 15, 2018
Since he obtained his law degree and passed the new York bar exam in 1994, John Lasala, New York City attorney, worked with a couple of high-powered law firms before going on to become a trading lawyer with Goldman Sachs. While at Goldman, he served as a credit risk manager. He dealt with all sorts of issues related to real estate securities and structured finance transactions. He also helped to tailor agreements to match the wants and needs of clients in their real estate investment portfolios. In 1994 and 1995, John also was admitted to practice in several other states and the District of Columbia, to make himself even more useful for his clients.

John Lasala NYC

While at Goldman Sachs, John Lasala of New York, provided many services for clients. For instance, among other tasks, he structured derivatives on behalf of the Credit Risk Management & Advisory Group, and he provided counter-party risk thresholds for credit derivative businesses. He also conducted credit threshold negotiations and he managed transactional teams in monitoring hedge fund counter-party exposures and he implemented credit enhancing solutions, including options, swaps, variable delivery forwards and pre-paid variable share forwards.